Project 9


The effect of surgical excision vs conservative management of moderate to severe endometriosis on future fertility

Endometriosis is associated with lower pregnancy rates. However, evidence to date shows that in minimal to mild endometriosis, surgical removal of endometriosis lesions increases the chances of becoming pregnant - naturally. Unfortunately, there is , no clear evidence about the effect of surgically removing moderate and severe endometriosis on the chances of pregnancy. Many patients express a strong desire to protect their future fertility and ability to become pregnant. This puts them in a difficult situation if they are diagnosed with endometriosis – do they have surgical intervention (with the associated risks including loss of healthy ovary tissue and/or development of pelvic scar tissue) or do they leave the lesions alone (increasing the risk of lesion growth and risking to the possibility of children in the future)?

This study aims to provide clearer information for patients with known endometriosis who have already been trying for pregnancy for at least 12 months. This study will document the monthly chances of pregnancy from trying naturally in two groups of patients: those who have had surgery and those who have not. The same comparison will also be made for patients trying for pregnancy through in vitro fertilization (IVF). In addition, this study will assess the effect of no surgery compared to surgery on future pregnancy in patients who are not yet trying to start a family.Patients who enrol in this study will be asked to complete an initial questionnaire and then will complete a short questionnaire (less than 5 minutes) each month at the time of their period.

This will be undertaken either through an online questionnaire or via a mobile phone app.

Are you eligible to participate in this project?

If you have known moderate to severe endometriosis (either based on ultrasound or previous surgery findings) and you desire fertility (now or in the future), you may be eligible

What happens if I participate in this project?

You will be asked to do online questionnaires as specified above.

There will be no change to your treatment and there will be no extra visits.

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