Project 2


Predicting recurrence of endometriosis

Following surgery to diagnose and treat endometriosis, patients have a 6-67% chance of requiring another operation because the endometriosis returns (recurrent disease). Our previous research, conducted at The Royal Women’s Hospital, has identified certain clinical features that are associated with endometriosis recurrence; these features include basic demographic information like age, ultrasound findings, pathology results and observations made by a gynaecologist during previous surgery to treat endometriosis.

The goal of our research is to develop a prediction tool or questionnaire, to be used by doctors in their consultations with patients diagnosed with endometriosis for predicting the likelihood of endometriosis returning. Such a tool will allow the treating clinical team to tailor management and treatment options and monitor disease progression in those at risk of recurrence.

In this study we will look at patients already planning to have a laparoscopy for investigation of their pelvic pain. We will collect medical information from hospital records and ask participants to complete an online questionnaire about their medical history and symptoms before their surgery. We will also send a follow-up questionnaire (online) 12 and 24 months following their surgery. We will use this information to develop a questionnaire-based tool that can predict if an endometriosis patient is likely to experience recurrence of disease.

Are you eligible to participate in this project?

If you are planning to have a laparoscopy (key-hole surgery) for pelvic pain, you may be eligible.

What happens if I participate in this project?

You will be asked to answer an online questionnaire before your laparoscopy and the findings at your surgery will be recorded.
There will be no change to your treatment and there will be no extra visits required.

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