Project 7


Pelvic floor muscle tenderness and persistent pelvic pain in patients undergoing endometriosis surgery

Patients with persistent pelvic pain (PPP), including those with endometriosis associated pelvic pain, often have pelvic floor muscle tenderness and tension. These problems may be related to their pelvic pain continuing, despite medical or surgical treatments for endometriosis.

Prior to a patient’s first laparoscopy for the investigation of PPP, we will investigate if they experience tenderness and tension in their pelvic floor muscles and whether this is associated with their pelvic pain. We will also investigate whether the pelvic floor muscle tenderness and tension, and pelvic pain, change following the laparoscopy, in the short term (3 months) and the medium term (1 year).

This study will also test how well gynaecologists and physiotherapists are able to detect pelvic floor muscle tenderness and tension to ensure patients with pelvic floor muscle problems receive appropriate treatment.

Are you eligible to participate in this project?

If you are planning to have a laparoscopy (key hole surgery) for pelvic pain, you may be eligible.

What happens if I participate in this project?

You will be asked to have an extra visit before your surgery for a physiotherapy assessment of your pelvic floor muscles.

You will be asked to answer an online questionnaire before your laparoscopy and the findings at your surgery will be recorded.

Further online questionnaires and extra physiotherapy visits at 3 months and 12 months after surgery are required.

A modest-value retail voucher reimbursement will be given to you for your time and travel. In addition, the device used to measure your pelvic floor muscles, called a ‘Femfit’, will be given to you to keep for your future use – you may find this helpful for your pelvic floor muscles (more details will be given and explained after you enter this project).

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