Project 6


Cellular mechanisms underlying PEA and PLD treatment

This project is paired with Project 5. Researchers will endeavour to better understand the effect of PEA/PLD on endometriosis and endometrium at a molecular or microscopic level.

During surgery, small samples of endometrium and endometriosis tissue will be collected as part of your routine surgical treatment, to investigate the effect of the PEA/PLD treatment on gene expression (the ability for the building blocks of cells to create different effects on the body). For this project, genetic component will be isolated from endometrial and endometriosis tissues and cells to quantify gene expression and identify changes in gene expression following treatment with PEA and PLD.

The outcomes of this project aim to demonstrate the most significant mechanisms that contribute to PEA/PLD function and help us to further understand more about how and why endometriosis and pain coexist.

Are you eligible to participate in this project?

This project is paired with Project 5.

What happens if I participate in this project?

During your laparoscopic surgery, tissue samples will be collected as part of your treatment and as described in Project 5. Some of these samples will be further investigated in our research laboratory.

There will be no extra visits required.

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