Dr Claudia Cheng

Dr Claudia Cheng is dedicated to treating patients with endometriosis and pelvic pain. She is a gynaecologist and advanced laparoscopic surgeon with over 10 years of consultant and surgical experience in the field. Claudia recognised many gaps in the understanding of both pain and endometriosis very early on in her career and set out to search the answers through research. When there is no available evidence yet, it is our duty as clinicians with ability to discover them. She operates within the Gynaecology 2 Unit at the Royal Women’s Hospital and under the leadership of A/Prof Martin Healey, Claudia has published and currently supervises many clinical trials. In addition, she is passionate about improving patient care through teaching and mentoring the next generation of gynaecologists. Claudia is also an examiner, training supervisor and clinical senior lecturer.

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