Dr Jacqueline Donoghue

Dr Donoghues research focus is uterine disease mechanisms and treatments (endometriosis, adenomyosis and fibroids), the role of immune cells in endometrial health (fertility and lesion development) and she currently leads research into endometriosis somatic mutation profiling of endometriotic lesions and the evaluation of the endocannabinoid system in endometriosis associated pain. Dr Donoghue has extensive experience in oncogenic cell signalling, characterisation of oncogenic mutation functional activity and the development of high throughput compound and molecular screens for the identification of novel druggable targets. This research has involved the development of unique endometriosis cell lines (including 3D organoids) and the establishment of physiological relevant murine models for therapeutic evaluation. Dr Donoghue’s research goal is to develop translatable therapeutics to improve endometriosis patient lives.

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Helen C. McNamara*, Helena C. Frawley, Jacqueline F. Donoghue, Emma Readman, Martin Healey, Lenore Ellett, Charlotte Reddington, Lauren J. Hicks, Keryn Harlow, Peter A. W. Rogers and Claudia Cheng on behalf of En-DIT (Endometriosis: Diagnosis, Innovation and Treatment) Research Group, "Peripheral, Central, and Cross Sensitization in Endometriosis-Associated Pain and Comorbid Pain Syndromes", Front. Reprod. Health, 01 September 2021,  https://doi.org/10.3389/frph.2021.729642


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McNamara Helen C., Frawley Helena C., Donoghue Jacqueline F., Readman Emma, Healey Martin, Ellett Lenore, Reddington Charlotte, Hicks Lauren J., Harlow Keryn, Rogers Peter A. W., Cheng Claudia, “Peripheral, Central, and Cross Sensitization in Endometriosis-Associated Pain and Comorbid Pain Syndromes”  Frontiers in Reproductive Health 2021, volume 3, page 56, https://www.frontiersin.org/article/10.3389/frph.2021.729642 DOI=10.3389/frph.2021.729642


Holdsworth-Carson, S.J., E.M. Colgrave, J.F. Donoghue, J.N. Fung, M.L. Churchill, S. Mortlock, P. Paiva, M. Healey, G.W. Montgomery, J.E. Girling, and P.A.W. Rogers, Generation of immortalized human endometrial stromal cell lines with different endometriosis risk genotypes. Mol Hum Reprod, 2019. 25(4): p. 194-205.


Rogers, P.A., J.F. Donoghue, L.M. Walter, and J.E. Girling, Endometrial angiogenesis, vascular maturation, and lymphangiogenesis. Reprod Sci, 2009. 16(2): p. 147-51.

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