Dr Lenore Ellett

Dr Lenore Ellett is a gynaecologist with a passion for gaining a greater understanding about endometriosis and the effect this enigmatic disease has on patients. She is the head of unit for the Endosurgery A team at the Mercy Hospital for Women and the Deputy Director of Gynaecology at the Mercy Hospital. Dr Ellett loves teaching minimally invasive gynaecology and watching the skills and interest of gynaecology specialist trainees improve and mature. She has a keen interest in research and is thrilled to be part of this endometriosis research team; Endometriosis “Diagnosis-Innovation-Treatment”.

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Helen C. McNamara*, Helena C. Frawley, Jacqueline F. Donoghue, Emma Readman, Martin Healey, Lenore Ellett, Charlotte Reddington, Lauren J. Hicks, Keryn Harlow, Peter A. W. Rogers and Claudia Cheng on behalf of En-DIT (Endometriosis: Diagnosis, Innovation and Treatment) Research Group, "Peripheral, Central, and Cross Sensitization in Endometriosis-Associated Pain and Comorbid Pain Syndromes", Front. Reprod. Health, 01 September 2021,  https://doi.org/10.3389/frph.2021.729642


McNamara Helen C., Frawley Helena C., Donoghue Jacqueline F., Readman Emma, Healey Martin, Ellett Lenore, Reddington Charlotte, Hicks Lauren J., Harlow Keryn, Rogers Peter A. W., Cheng Claudia, “Peripheral, Central, and Cross Sensitization in Endometriosis-Associated Pain and Comorbid Pain Syndromes”  Frontiers in Reproductive Health 2021, volume 3, page 56, https://www.frontiersin.org/article/10.3389/frph.2021.729642 DOI=10.3389/frph.2021.729642


Chowdary, P., K. Stone, T. Ma, E. Readman, K. McIlwaine, M. Druitt, L. Ellett, M. Cameron, and P. Maher, Multicentre retrospective study to assess diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound for superficial endometriosis-Are we any closer? Aust N Z J Obstet Gynaecol, 2019. 59(2): p. 279-284.


Ma, T., P. Chowdary, A. Eskander, L. Ellett, K. McIlwaine, J. Manwaring, E. Readman, and P. Maher, Can Narrowband Imaging Improve the Laparoscopic Identification of Superficial Endometriosis? A Prospective Cohort Trial. J Minim Invasive Gynecol, 2019. 26(3): p. 427-433.


Ellett, L., E. Readman, M. Newman, K. McIlwaine, R. Villegas, N. Jagasia, and P. Maher, Are endometrial nerve fibres unique to endometriosis? A prospective case-control study of endometrial biopsy as a diagnostic test for endometriosis in women with pelvic pain. Hum Reprod, 2015. 30(12): p. 2808-15.

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