June 16, 2022

Endometriosis - Diagnosis | Innovation | Treatment

We've surpassed 200 recruits!

The team has had a really productive and successful past two months for recruitment and patients have welcomed our projects with open arms!

May has been a very successful month with:

  • Reaching two thirds of the recruitment numbers for Aim 3 (we predict that we may be able to commence the laboratory component of this project by October 2022)
  • Recommencing recruitment for Projects 5 and 7 with the welcomed stability of surgery reopening in the past few months
  • Expanding surveys for Project 9 that will soon be available in Vietnamese and Hebrew    
  • Final steps setting up Projects 1, 8 and 9 to commence recruitment in Israel
  • Ethics approvals to commence recruitment for:
  • Project 8 at Monash Medical Centre
  • Project 9 at Sunshine Hospital

We anticipate the final ethics and governance approvals to occur over the next few months, the launch of the App for Project 9 as a multi-lingual platform and recruitment to commence in Israel. We will keep you updated with updates as they come through!

Thank you again to all patients that have happily joined our projects – we are very grateful to have already surpassed 200 recruits at this point in the year!